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* All listings must be for business-to-business office products and services only. No retail or consumer-focused products.

* Listings should include detailed information about your company, products/services offered, pricing, minimum order sizes, and geographical areas served.

*Imagery should showcase actual products. No generic stock photos or manipulated images.

* Pricing and promotions must be clearly communicated including any terms and expiration dates.

* Contact information must be kept updated. Notify admin of any changes to your listing info.

* Listings should be written professionally with proper grammar and spelling. Use clear titles and descriptions.

* Listings may be edited or removed by admin if found deceptive, overly promotional, or against directory policies.

* Suppliers are responsible for monitoring and responding promptly to inquiries through the directory.

* Refrain from including overtly competitive or negative content about other suppliers.

* Honoring obligations made through the directory regarding pricing, delivery, and product quality is required. Violations can result in removal.


* Listing products and services that are illegal to buy, own, import or sell in the country of your residence.

* Listing ad which is discriminatory as per caste/religion/nationality.

* Listing multiple Ads with different accounts/mail Id.

* Listing any type of adult content/ad.

* Listing ad regarding any political view that may offend.

* Listing ad with hateful information or remarks.

Safety Rules

* Suppliers must appropriately package, protect, and ship products in compliance with regulations for fragile, heavy, or hazardous items.

* Used and refurbished equipment should be thoroughly inspected and repaired by qualified personnel before reselling.

* Suppliers should outline procedures and training to use products safely.

* Directory administrators may remove any listings deemed unsafe or where suppliers are unresponsive to safety concerns.

* Suppliers should expressly disclose any products containing hazardous materials or requiring special safety handling.

* Before buying or selling, make sure you do enough discussion and inspection regarding the seller or buyer

* Never send the product before getting the payment

* ProOfficeHub does not offer any customer/seller protection

* Be vigilant about of prevalent frauds or scams activities

* Report to us if you face any kind of fraudulent activity